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Her main services include pedicure, manicure, Herbal Hair oil massage,Facials,Hair Styling,latest bridal dressing and make up,Henna treatment and so on. She offers a variety of treatments for specific problems, like under-eye dark circles, acne, pimples, rashes, pigmentation, premature aging, scars, dandruff, hair damage, hair loss, and so on..

Her wide range of Herbal Products: (Herbal Oil,Herbal Bleach,Aroma Body Pack,Aroma Oil,Aloe-Vera for Hair,Protein Rich Henna Conditioner,Special Bridal Face pack with a combination of Saffron and Sandalwood.) are being used by her clients all around the world.These products are hand picked, home made and made of rare and rich herbs.

When you enter our Studio, a world of beauty, pleasure, and calm awaits. We are here to help you relax and to take away all the pressure of everyday life.

We are dedicated to giving you the most luxurious and highest quality skin, body, and hair care. We are here for you, and we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

Hema Lakshman is a Beautician, Nutrition Consultant and a Herbal Specialist.She prepares home made and hand picked herbal products.Each and every combination of hers depict her profound understanding of herbal care and her dedication to the cause of the Indian heritage.

Born in a tradional family, she had to undergo a lot of struggles to get hold of a career in radio Engineering without any back up from anyone. She always had creativity and art of beautifying things(started with home, garden, interiors, cookery).At an early age she suffered severe pimples and tried several treatments, but none proved effective. She then decided to overcome the obstacles caused by pimples and to take on life with more optimism. It was when she decided to try out different herbal combinations to come out with natural remedy for pimples.

It was her extraordinary personal qualities, strong determination that made her emerge from a unpromising life and venture into a totally different field of entrepreneurship, where she had to wage a lone battle to become successful.

After having done a number of professional courses in beauty and research on the usage of herbs, she started her own herbal health care studio based out of her home for skin and hair care.She prefers to give personal care to each of her clients who also include famous Film personalities and other celebrities. She gives individual attention to each of them and establishes a friendly and personal rapport. Her programme on Health and Beauty has been aired several times in the electronic media both in India and Abroad.

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